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Serangan Island  

Serangan Island




Serangan Island is a 73-hectare island located just 250 metres off the southeast coast of Bali (south of Sanur).  It is home to Pura Sakenan, also known as the Sea Temple, a highly visited temple in the southern part of Bali.  Serangan Island is also called the 'Turtle Island'.  In fact, there is a turtle sanctuary there. Turtles of various sizes are kept in special pens.

You can access the island by car.  Entry to the island is not expensive.  You can also reach the island by sail boat or, at low tide, on foot.  Entry to Citra Taman Penyu, the turtle sanctuary, is free, although we do recommend that visitors make small donations. You can feed the turtles seaweed and of course take some pictures.

Travel time from Bali Sorgawi Hotel to Serangan Island is approximately 15 minutes by car.


3 types of marine turtles in Bali seas:

- Green turtle (Chelonia mydas)
- Leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea)
- Hawksbill
(Eretmochelys imbricata)

Above: Young turtles
Marine turtles nest all year round, but tend to prefer laying their eggs in the rainy season from September to December.  Other than laying eggs on dry land, they are found in the deepest of waters.

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