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Jalan Legian Kelod, Kuta Beach
Bali 80361, Indonesia
phone. +62 (361) 755 266, 763 220
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USD 18 per person, minimum 2 pax.

 STONE CARVING CAVE (ELEPHANT CAVE OF GOA GAJAH) – The cave is situated in the village of Bedulu, Blahbatu district, in Gianyar regency, only 26 km from Denpasar.  Built at least 700 years ago, the cave was rediscovered in the 1920s and fully excavated 30 years later. It is carved into a rock face and you enter through the cavernous mouth of a demon.  The interior is T-shaped.  It is two meters high and one meter wide and has niches.  At the end of the left wing there is a one meter tall, four armed statue of the elephant god Ganesh, at the end of the right wing there is three half meter tall linga, fertility symbols of the Hindu God Shiva. On the walls there are some old-Javanese writings which has helped to establish the time of origin of the cave. In front of the cave there are two square bathing pools with water gushing into them from water spouts held by six female figures.  The pool was unearthed in 1954. 

ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM (Gedung Kuno) – It has an assorted collection of artifacts from all over Bali. 

PENATARAN SASIH TEMPLE – This is the state temple of the Pajeng kingdom. In the inner courtyard, high up in a pavilion, there is the huge bronze drum known as the Moon of Pajeng with an age estimated at about 2000 years.  

GUNUNG KAWI TEMPLE – Ten rocky temples on the banks of a river.  It is about seven meters high, cut into the sheer cliff facing one another.  The countryside here is gorgeously lush, and the footpath down to the temple passes through breathtakingly beautiful rice terraces.  In the bottom of this lush green valley, there is one of Bali’s oldest, most charming and certainly largest ancient monuments.  

KINTAMANI – On the way, we can see traditional Balinese village Kintamani, situated 1200 meters above the sea level.  It is a nice place to have lunch while watching the beautiful panorama of Mount and Lake Batur. 

Mountain View

TIRTA EMPUL TEMPLE (Temple for purification) – Each year Balinese purify their bodies to drive bad spirits away. There are five pool compartments for cleansing, healing, long life, blessing, and for healing the effects of black magic. The springs were founded in 962 AD, when Bali was ruled by Candra Baya Singa Wamadewa. Overlooking Tirta Empul is Sukarno Palace, now used only for presidential visitation


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