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Jalan Legian Kelod, Kuta Beach
Bali 80361, Indonesia
phone. +62 (361) 755 266, 763 220
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USD 18 per person, minimum 2 pax.


BATUAN VILLAGE (Traditional Structural House) Every house has separate rooms with their own functions: living room, eastern hall, northern hall, kitchen, and rice storages.  There is also a place for breeding cattle. All are separated from one another.  You also can stop for Balinese paintings. 

GIANYAR MARKET (Traditional Market) There are many things to see here such as the making of traditional Balinese hand-weaved cloths, local fruits and cakes, special Balinese food (suckling pig), wooden and stone carving tools, etc 

BANGLI We will visit PURA KEHEN (Kehen Temple), the state temple of Bangli kingdom. It is situated on a hill and there are terraces or steps leading to the temple entrance.  The greatest gateway with its huge sacred banyan tree has colorful Chinese porcelain plates set into the walls as decorations. The inscription found in the temple suggests that the temple was built in the thirteenth century (around 1204 AD).  The temple is dedicated to the lord of fire, Brahma

BESAKIH TEMPLE (The greatest mother temple of BALI) You must wear a sarong when entering this temple.  Besakih temple is the biggest, holiest and the most sacred temple in Bali.  The complex consists of several smaller temples: temple for Siva, Visnu, Brahma, and temple for the ancestors (clan temple).  The main complex consists of several big temples with different names and functions: Batu Medeg, for Visnu; Penataran Agung, for Siva; Kiduling Kreteg, for Brahma. All of them represent manifestation of the supreme God. 

BUKIT JAMBUL The crested hill with nice view of terraced rice fields. 

KLUNGKUNG It was the capital of BALI (1740 1908). You can see the court of justice (Kerta Gosa), which consists of the floating pavilion (Bale Kambang) and Bale akerta Gosa.  The floating pavilion, so named as it is surrounded by a pool, is full of murals decorated in classical Balinese Kamasan painting style. (Kamasan is the name of a village in Klungkung).  The Kerta Gosa was once the most important bale of the royal palace at Klungkung.  It was here that the raja and his judges would sit and discuss matters of law and human affairs.  It was also here that mepandes ceremonies for the royal families growing princes and princesses were held.   

We can also see Klungkung Museum just opposite the museum.  There is a monument of battle which commemorates puputan (campaigns/battles till death).


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